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Stiiizy Carts

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Stiiizy Carts

STIIIZY carts are a revolutionizing the portable cannabis industry with a product that offers a burn and leak-free experience. During the distillation process, flavor-producing terpenes are lost.

These strain derived terpenes are then reintroduced to achieve that sought after and genuine flavor. We are always committed to providing a top-shelf , lab-tested concentrate with the highest potency and purity achieved through a solvent-free distillation process.

Biscotti Indica|

Hardcore OG Indica|

King Louis XIII Indica|

OG Kush Indica |
Purple Punch Indica|
SFV OG Indica|
Skywalker OG Indica|
Watermelon Z Indica|
White Raspberry Indica|
Blue Dream Sativa|
Orange Sunset Sativa|
Premium Jack Sativa|
Sour Diesel Sativa|
Sour Tangie Sativa|
Strawberry Cough Sativa|
Apple Fritter Hybrid|
Birthday Cake Hybrid|
Blue Burst Hybrid|
Do-Si-Dos Hybrid|
Gelato Hybrid|
Grandaddy Purp Hybrid|
Peach Gelato Hybrid|
Pineapple Express Hybrid|
Pineapple Runtz Hybrid|
Pink Acai Hybrid|
Strawnana Hybrid|
White Cherry Gelato Hybrid|

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Strains Flavor

Biscotti Indica, Hardcore OG Indica, King Louis XIII Indica, OG Kush Indica, Purple Punch Indica, SFV OG Indica, Skywalker OG Indica, Watermelon Z Indica, White Raspberry Indica, Blue Dream Sativa, Orange Sunset Sativa, Premium Jack Sativa, Sour Diesel Sativa, Sour Tangie Sativa, Strawberry Cough Sativa, Apple Fritter Hybrid, Birthday Cake Hybrid, Blue Burst Hybrid, Do-Si-Dos Hybrid, Gelato Hybrid, Grandaddy Purp Hybrid, Peach Gelato Hybrid, Pineapple Express Hybrid, Pineapple Runtz Hybrid, Pink Acai Hybrid, Strawnana Hybrid, White Cherry Gelato Hybrid


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