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About Our Store

HighwayDank Vapes is an Online Store with distributions stores all over the United states and UK an we also deliver to any location around the globe. We have been in this business since 2010 selling top notch quality of full gram cartridges and we are devoted to production of only pure and high quality portable vapes and cartridges which include replacement parts and useful components . 


Vaporization (Vape) is the way of heating herbs, oils or flowers to a temperature whereby the active ingredients are released as vapor .Smoking produces combustion with many harmful substances as unwanted by product , but a vaporize does not burn the ingredients.


Highway Dank Vapes store focus on the production of high quality full gram prefilled oil cartridges for the benefit of consumers .We Believe everyone should have a taste of a better mood wether for medicinal or recreational use . 


We have a team of specialize and educated growers who does their best to provide you with best quality full gram pre-filled carts filled will enthusiasm . We dedicated to offering you the latest models and best strains of Dank Vapes and ensure that you won’t waste your hard earn money on of fake vape  products are in wide supplied in todays market .When you buy dank vape full gram cartridges at our store be rest assured it will do as it should or as advertise on our website .


We have dedicated team of customer support ready to assist you on inquiry 24/7 . 


Trust is important for any online business and we like to earn it instead of talk about . But are some aspects we absolutely proud of .


– We ship all orders in discreet packages and always within one workday of receiving payment . All packages are fully insured against loss.


-There many vape brands out there as many of them are cheap and fake.We give you nothing but the original ,offering the best pre-filled  oil carts or dank vape cartridges that meet your our standard high quality which works as advertised .


Our Small but passionate team lives and breathes dank vape and is here to help you with your questions and issues . We’ll treat you with atmost respect as you will deserve as our customer both after or prepurchase. If you are not satisfied we will do our best to make you sure you are satisfied . 


Our store lives and breathes dank vapes and is here to help you with all your questions and issues.





All dank vapes pre-filled vape cartridges carry at least a one year warranty.This means that our products warranties a service repair or replacement at no charge for a year from the date of purchase. You can reach for more info about this .


One order over $150

14 Days Easy Return

Repairs or replacement

International Warranty

Offers in the country of usage

24/7 Customer Support

We are here for your inquiries

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