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Sour Apple Strain  Full Gram Dank Vapes Cartridge For Sale

About Sour Apple Dank Vapes Carts

The Sour Apple strain, as the name suggests has a taste like a blast of sour fruit and a pungent. Almost rot-like aroma, The buds are long and fluffy and give your personality similar traits – you’ll be talking forever. Enjoying every social situation, and finding the focused energy you didn’t know you had.

The slow drop-off eventually sends you into a state of melted couchlock, like a wilted caramel apple person. A range of psychoactive compounds give Sour Apple energizing and mood-relieving properties, though the THC is only moderately high

Expect to pucker up, because Sour Apple Strain  will send your taste buds tingling. Bright green in color with a distinct sour apple candy aroma ,sour apple lives to its name. You won’t get a sugar crush from this strain, however but it might leave you stuck on the couch .

This Indica dominant hybrid is goo for after work or on a lazy afternoon. A cross between sour diesel and cinderella 99, sour apple at its best is extremely potent and dull bodied. Try this strain if you are looking to relax and ease stress . Buy apple dank vapes


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