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Lemon Slushie cart Full Gram Dank Vapes For sale

Lemon Slushie strain is bred by green lantern seeds ,lemon slushie is the child of California and sour lost coast OG. This cannabis strain grows tall with dense buds and usually fills in most during the last couple of weeks of growth. Lemon Slushie cart leaves a long and broad with purple gray color during maturity ,Flowering time is generally 9-10 weeks with a THC content up to 14% and CBD of 0,23%.The buds have been described as smelling fruity and sweet with a hint of a skunk.The smell and flavor have been likened to citrus and pepper with effects that can sneak up on it’s consumers.Lemon diesel was in the top ten at the emerald cup in 2010,Buy Lemon Slushie Dank Vape Online.If you are a lemon slushie strain lover, then you can joint an online community to share your experience with this Lemon slushie to help educate others.


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