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Irish cream Strains Dank Vapes Cartridge Full Gram

Irish Cream dank vapes by mighty Irish seeds is a backcross of mighty Irish Hope. This Indica dominant strain is short and squat with floral aromas. The flavor is sweet and smooth on the palate while the strain’s effects remain moderately weighted.

As described y the breeder , the physical sensations that accompany this strain go from melted to toasted ,leaving the consumer relaxed and carefree. Buy Irish Cream Strains Dank Vapes

Irish Cream strains impresses off the bat with medium to large buds. The flowers range in shape from roughly conical to almost spherical and, true to their Indica lineage, adhere in a dense, solid bud structure. Irish Cream is also notable for its uniform coloring, appearing almost entirely forest green; there are relatively few hairy pistils winding their way through these coiled leaves and only a light dusting of trichomes.


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